Tenant Credit Checks

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It is a must for any Landlord or Lettings Agency that all Tenants be ‘Tenant checked’ prior to the commencement of a rental term. In the current economic climate, too many property owners are cutting corners and failing to carry out the basic acts of due diligence on their prospective tenants. Over 11.7% of Rent went unpaid in the UK in 2010, totalling just over a whopping 276 Million pounds.

UK Debt Collectors have partnered with TenantSure to offer a fantastic Tenant Checking Service to all Landlords and Letting Agents. From just £8.99, TenantSure provides a service that is unrivalled in cost and consistently serve the requirements of property owners up and down the UK on a daily basis. TenantSure Tenant Checks should be at the top of every list when it comes to checking a prospective new tenant.

Tenantsure’s superb Tenant Checking Service is hassle free, no contracts and strictly on a pay as you go basis.

What’s On Offer – Tenant Checks

  • No Contracts
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Minimum Usage
  • No Hassle
  • No Problem!

In addition, Creditsure offers a range of cost-effective Company Credit Checking packages to suit your business. Remember, prevention is better than a cure so be sure before you do business, be Creditsure.

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For further information on how TenantSure can help call TenantSure direct on 0333 043 4417 or by visiting the website at www.tenant-sure.co.uk